UFR: Underground Film Revolution
Emerging filmmakers show film and video at the Milky Way Lounge and Lanes in Jamaica Plain on the first Monday of every month.

Friday, August 23, 2002  

the underground film revolution presents:

Films and Videos by Women Artists exploring issues of
sexual identity, gender roles, health, politics, and family.  

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th, 2002 at 9.00PM
The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes

UFR proudly presents a new shorts program, THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL on September 9th featuring ten films and videos by local and national women artists exploring issues of sexual identity, gender roles, health, politics, and family.  

Featured in the program will be local videographer Lorna Lowe-Streeter's personal documentary "Shelter".  The video, which documents the filmmaker's search for her birth mother and the conflicts that arise in the process with her adoptive parents, sold-out its screening at The Boston Women's International Film Festival this past spring and was recently screened at The Roxbury Film Festival.  

Also included in the program are three video works by local artist Michelle Barczykowski who sexually-abuses a GI Joe action figure in very creative ways, satirizes the genre of COPS television docu-dramas, and offers the viewer a personal glimpse into the world of stripping in "It's the Small Things", "Caught" and "Peep Show-And-Tell", respectively.  

Other shorts to be shown include: Kyra Garrigue's "Ashtray" (NYC); Sarina Khan Reddy's (MA) commentary on the blurred lines between news, entertainment and military policy, "With Us or Against Us"; Joanne Wallace's (UK) mixed-media, autobiographic video about immigration and same-sex partners, "Magical Cat"; two short experimental videos about household chores, "Sinking Feeling, Pressing Matter" by Sarah Klein (CA); Lucy Weismann's "In the Red" (NYC), a humorous tribute to menstruation mimicing the style of 1950s instructional films; and "Camouflage Pink", a film by Carolyn Caizzi and Laura Rodriguez (RI) that introduces the audience to a teenage lesbian girl named Rayna whose outward demeanor screams militant dyke, but inside, all she really wants is to go to the prom with the cheerleader she has a crush on in her math class.

The Milky Way is located at 403-405 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, downstairs from Bella Luna.  It is accessible via public transportation (Perkins Street stop on the #39 Bus/Jackson Square stop on the Orange Line T).  Screenings run from 9.00-midnight the first Monday of every month (except for September--UFR will be on the second Monday due to Labor Day); admission for is $5 per person; events are 21-plus.  Please call 617.524.3740 (x22) for EVENT INFO, more detailed directions or other club info.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002  

The underground film revolution proudly presents a screening as part of the 2002 PICTURESTART FILM FESTIVAL in Providence, Rhode Island.

Wednesday, August 28th at 8pm
The Columbus Theatre
270 Broadway, Providence RI* (see below for directions)
$4 tickets at the door
http://www.picturestart.org for more info about the festival!

DEMON OF THE DERBY: The Ann Calvello Story
U.S.A., 2001, color, DigiBeta, 74 min.
Director: Sharon Marie Rutter; Producer: Christine Murray; Co-Producer: Elizabeth Pike; Editor: Sharon Marie Rutter.

Long before the World Wrestling Federation overtook American subculture, there was Roller Derby: a spectacle of elbow-smashing, face-crashing, bloody-flipping psychopaths streaking around a rink on roller skates at breakneck speeds all in the name of entertainment.   Significantly, women were included in the events at a time when most female role models more closely resembled June Cleaver than Xena Princess Warrior.  

Demon of the Derby: The Ann Calvello Story is a feature-length documentary which tells the tale of America's Archvillainess of the Roller Derby, Ann Calvello--a woman who made a mark on the world by breaking out of traditional female roles and proving to be one of the toughest Roller Derby athletes involved in competition.  Two years in the making, this is her inspiring documentary portrait.

Back 50 years ago, Roller Derby was “The Peoples’ Sport”--watched by 20 million viewers, boasting regular sell-out crowds at Madison Square Garden.  Ann “Banana Nose" Calvello was always at the top, a punk rebel athletic icon long before Dennis Rodman was even born, let alone dyeing his hair.  She was a demon on skates, killer-competitive, the legendary queen of the Derby.  

Known as the "Meanest Mama on Skates" since 1948, Calvello is now in her early 70s, but continues to hang onto the limelight, pursuing her lust for head-smacking, bone-crunching Roller Derby action.  Combining rare archival footage with present-day videographyof her daily life, Sharon Rutter depicts Ann in her glory days and in the present, creating an intimate portrayal of the Roller Derby Queen.

Demon of the Derby has already premiered to a sold-out crowd at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco in November 2001, wowed crowds at The 2002 Santa Barbara Film Festival, and sold-out shows in San Francisco again at the historic Roxie Theater this past April. It has played at the Dallas Video Festival, and will be made its East Coast Premiere at The Maine International Film Festival.  UFR will present Demon of the Derby again on October 7th at The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Sharon Rutter has written, edited and directed many documentaries, including recently SURFING FOR LIFE.

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microcinema.com presents the All Women Edition  (mini DV 90 min..)
The August edition of INDEPENDENT EXPOSURE, the monthly screening program of international independent short films and videos, will feature fifteen short works by female directors. This month's program featuring a female perspective via the independent short film and video medium will be the first time the seven-year old program will present a special edition devoted entirely to women directors.

The Columbus Theatre
270 Broadway, Providence RI*

HATCHING BEAUTY (16mm, animation) by Amy Hicks - Oakland, CA;
RECORD PLAYER PARTY (DV, animation) by Divya Srinivasan - Austin, TX;
BATH (DV) by Eliza Gagnon – NY, NY;
5 TO 7 (DV) by Amelia Martin - Ann Arbor, MI;
BREATHE (DV, digital effects) by Hannah Gal - London, UK;
THIRST (16mm) by Jessica Joy Wise - Vancouver, BC, Canada;
TECHNICAL AIDS (DV, digital effects) by Kasumi - Cleveland, OH;
IN THE RED (16mm) by Lucy Weismann - NY, NY;
VERBS (AMBIVALENT) (DV) by Sara Pellegrini - Seattle, WA;
TRILEMMA (computer animation) by Ye Won Cho - LA;
THINGS I DON'T REMEMBER (16mm) by Yuri A. - Vancouver, BC Canada;
ANONDYNE (16mm) by Sheri Wills - Providence, RI;
MEN ARE FROM MOON (DV) by Elizabeth Sher - NY, NY;
LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (DV) by Tiffany Shlain - San Francisco;
TELEPHONE STORIES (DV) by J.D. Beltran - San Francisco.

Turnin' 31 by Kraig Jordan (Beta SP 3:52 min)
The story of a "businessman" and his afterwork adventures.

TunaNooda by David Kackin (Beta SP 7 min.)
A story of lifeguarding and lunchmaking.

Check out www.picturestart.org for information about upcoming shows!

*Traveling from Boston: Take 95 South to Exit 21 (Atwells Ave.).  Follow Service Road No. 8, two sets of lights. Take a right onto Broadway. Theatre is on the left, roughly 5 blocks down.  Call 401.621.9660 for further info about The Columbus.

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